Bringing new life to diseased cell tissue

OSTEOPATHY is a holistic form of therapy well known in America, the UK and Sweden that aims to bring the spine and pelvis into a healthy, aligned position so as to eliminate acute and chronic pain states of all kinds (head, nerve, joint pain etc.).
Following a thorough examination of the stature of the pelvis and spine, as well as of their mobility, targeted therapy begins: the deliberately gentle release of joint blockades using specialist manual techniques, targeted mobilisation therapy, specific soft tissue techniques and stretching of the spine.


This correction produces tangible relief for the intervertebral discs, resolves abnormal stress on joints and therefore prevents the consequences, namely illness. Joints become able to handle normal stresses and strains again, and the body’s overall static equilibrium resolves the symptoms. Osteopathy is a thorough, gentle and side effect-free regulative therapy that helps the body to regenerate itself. It is indicated for all conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system:

  • Sporting and accidental injuries such as strains, sprains, whiplash trauma, etc.
  • Rheumatic conditions, arthroses, osteoporosis, Scheuermann's disease, etc.
  • Nerve pain or circulation problems
  • Spine and disc damage
  • Muscular and tendon pain

The holistic medical principles of osteopathy (osteo = bone and pathy = disease), set down by the American physician Andrew Taylor Still, have been known about for over 100 years now and are constantly being developed all over the world.

In osteopathy, a distinction is made between three systems:

  • The cranio-sacral system
  • The parietal or structural system
  • The visceral system

The osteopath endeavours to bring these systems into harmony so that the body’s self-healing mechanisms can work as effectively as possible.








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