Treatments, services, chiropractic, osteopathy, pain therapy and naturopathy:

At our practice specialising in chiropractic, osteopathy, pain therapy and naturopathy, we are able to offer you sophisticated techniques and services which, when combined, can bring you not only pain relief, but also an improved feeling of health and well-being.

As a result, we are able to work with you to specifically deal with the causes of your symptoms.

Areas of focus at our practice

Chiropractic, the targeted treatment method for problematic joint blockades and the painful effects of these, such as back, head, joint, nerve and muscle pain. 

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OSTEOPATHY is a holistic form of therapy designed to bring the spine and pelvis into a healthy, aligned position so as to eliminate acute and chronic pain states of all kinds (head, nerve, joint pain etc.). 

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NEURAL THERAPY, pain therapy, which can achieve local or distant organ effects. 

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… we also offer:

Herbal medicine: Supporting regenerative processes in the body for all internal organ system problems.
Enzyme therapy: Regulation therapy of the body's biochemical reaction processes using highly molecular proteins.
Autohaemotherapy: Stimulation and retuning therapy to stimulate the body's own defence system.
Modified autologous blood: Counter-sensitisation for allergies of all kinds with the patient's own highly diluted blood.

Hormone replacement therapy: The natural plant-based treatment backed up by laboratory tests for the female and male menopause.
Rejuvenation treatments: Thymus injection treatment to strength the body’s own defences. Organic cancer and rheumatism therapy, anti-ageing treatment.
Metabolic diet and nutritional advice: A type of diet coordinated with the individual's body type to reduce weight and offer an improved quality of life.
Physiotherapy: The use of physical stimulus with complex generalised effects for autonomic retuning, targeted pain reduction and stimulation of the circulation using massages of all kinds, electrotherapy, ultrasound and vertebral disc stretching equipment.
And old, traditional bone healing method.
Medical cupping
, Baunscheidt method, cantharide plaster therapy: Detoxification and segment therapies for rheumatism, diseases of the joints, chronic nervous conditions, migraine and asthma.
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Infusions to detoxify, de-acidify and to revitalise.

Craniosacral therapy
to harmonise all body functions.

Orthomolecular medicine
, the targeted supplementation of vital substances to accelerate the healing process.

, an age-coordinated, preventative and holistic health-maintaining treatment.
Pneumatron treatment:
This treatment tightens the connective tissue and improves the nutritional status of the tissues in muscle and joint pain.








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